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Re Del Castello

Re Del Castello – 2019 LWC Bronze Medal award

Monte Solaio’s flagship wine, ‘King of the Castle’ is produced from 100% Merlot grapes, manually selected by the head Vintner. It has a ruby red colour with an aromatic and floral flavour, polish and gently drifting to red fruits notes. The taste is tannic, soft and velvety. Each bottle is a charming discovery, a unique voyage through the balance of elements composing the wine making scenario of Val di Cornia.

The harvest is by hand in mid-September choosing the best parcels of Merlot. After soft pressing the produce is transferred to a stainless steel tank to initiate the alcoholic fermentation at temperatures between 26-30 ° C for a week. Then, the wine is placed in French oak maceration barrels for malolactic fermentation, where it remains for a total of 10-15 days. The barrels are manually rolled 4 times every day to ensure best results. Finally, the wine is transferred to French oak ‘barriques’ to age and mature for approximately 18 months. Once bottled, the wine remains at the winery for a further st six months to condition before being released to the market.

Product description


  • TOTAL SURFACE: 1,0 Hectares
  • DENSITY: 5000 plants/Hectare
  • SOIL: Mixed limestone and alluvial soil with abundant structure


  • GRAPES: 100% Merlot
  • VINTAGE: 2015
  • YIELD: 25 HL/HA
  • N° OF BOTTLES/YEAR: 900 bottles

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