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Sassinoro – 2019 SWA Silver Medal award

With an intense dark red colour drifting to ruby red, the wine is elegant and finely balanced. The taste is complex, with ripe red fruits flavour and violet. In the mouth this wine is thick and voluminous with soft grain tannins. The flavours of blackberries, currants, tobacco and chocolate envelop the palate, with beautiful parfumes served best in wide wine glasses at a temperature of 16-18°C. A remarkable expression of pure Syrah.

The grapes are harvested in mid-September by hand, and transferred to the cellar in 15kg boxes. After soft pressing the produce is transferred to a stainless steel tank to initiate the alcoholic fermentation at temperatures that gradually increase to 30 ° C for a week. Then, the wine is placed in French oak maceration barrels for malolactic fermentation, where it remains for a total of 10-15 days. The barrels are manually rolled 4 times every day to maximise conditioning. Finally, the wine is transferred to French oak ‘barriques’ to age and mature for approximately 18 months. Once bottled, the wine remains at the winery for a further six months to condition before being released to the market. This is a very special elegant wine to grace the finest of tables with extremely limited availability – only 1,000 bottles are made per year.

Product description


  • TOTAL SURFACE: 1,0 Hectare
  • DENSITY: 5000 plants/Hectare
  • SOIL: Mixed limestone and alluvial soil


  • GRAPES: 100% Syrah
  • VINTAGE: 2015
  • YIELD: 25 HL/HA
  • N° OF BOTTLES/YEAR: 1000

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